Conditions of Play

County League Rules Book

Match Fixtures & Results

The times listed are the START times – players should arrive 15 – 30 minutes earlier so there is sufficient time to change, roll-up, etc.

The Fixture Secretaries have been emailed a copy of the Results Sheet, however, you can print your own by simply downloading the file  – there is no need to Save the file, simply use the Open option, ensure the page layout of the resultant document is “portrait” and then print the number of sheets you require.

It is the responsibility of the home team to send a match Results Sheet to the League Secretary so that it arrives within 3 days either as a scanned image by email or by using the email the result page on this website. The original sheet and score cards must be retained until the results are ratified at the end of the season. The results sheet can be downloaded here.

The League Tables will be regularly updated throughout the season as and when results are received by the League Secretary.

If a match has to be postponed then please email the fixture change to the League Secretary as soon as possible so that this website can be kept up to date. The League rules state that BOTH teams must notify such changes.

The League Secretary will update the fixture list to reflect the result once he has received the detail from the Match Results Sheet (which should arrive within 3 days of the match being played). Please note that emails may not be acknowledged – the fact that the fixture is altered should be sufficient confirmation of receipt.

Winter League

The GSMBA Winter League is open to all affiliated clubs which are able to play matches on two mats and is played between September and March.

Each match involves 8 players from each club to form 2 teams each of 4 players. A game is played on each mat and after an interval (usually for refreshments) the two home teams swap mats and another 2 games take place. Two points are awarded for each of the 4 games and a further 2 points for the club with the highest shot total for the four games, ie. 10 points per match.

Summer League

  1. Teams to consist of 4 players
  2. Players can play for any team but only within 1 club
  3. A player can play in games equal to the number of league games possible by any team
  4. Teams can change players between each game during a fixture (of 3 games)
  5. Each fixture will have 4 teams. Playing round robin games of 7 ends – 3 games each team.
  6. All fixtures must be played within the month designated by the league secretary.
  7. Mid week fixtures should commence between 7 and 7.30pm (no afternoon games)
  8. No trial ends.
  9. Jack off the mat, 2 shots away except for last end when none offending team has choice to take 2 shots or replay the end.
  10. No 3s up. Skips can visit the head at any time.
  11. 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw
  12. Bonus points.  Team scoring 6 or more in a single end – 1 bonus point. Losing side losing by a single shot – 1 bonus point
  13. A break of around 10 minutes between games 2 and 3. Players will be advised to bring their own drink/snack. The host club are not required to supply refreshments.
  14. A match fee of £10 per team (£2-50 each) will be paid by all teams to the host club
    • a) The format for an evening will be... (shown below)
    • b) The first named team will keep the scorecard, the second team will have choice of mat on first end.
    • c) The host club will be responsible for supplying the scorecards for the fixture.
  15. The league will be split into 2 equal divisions
  16. For 2023, each team will play 2 fixtures at home and 6 away (24 games)
  17. Eliminator, play off and finals will be held at neutral venues in September.
MAT 1  MAT 2
Game 1team A v team B  team C v team D
Game 2  team B v team C  team D v team A
Break – 10 minutes
Game 3 team B v team Dteam C v team A



In each division, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th places will play with the winner going forward to the play offs.

Play 0ff. 

2nd place from each division + winners of the two eliminator fixtures.


1st place from each division + winners and runners-up from the play offs.

Senior’s League

The County Senior’s League, introduced in 2016, is a single mat two games per match league. It is played on any weekday between 9am and 5pm and is open to any ESMBA/GSMBA registered members aged 60 and over. Each game involves a team of 4 players from each club. In 2017 the rules were changed and the 2 teams now play a ten end game each and after an interval (usually for refreshments) they play another game each. Two points are awarded to the winner of each game (1 each for a draw) and 2 bonus points for the best overall shots ie.a total of 6 points per match. This is a more informal league with no fixed dress code other than regulation shoes.