ESMBA Registered Players Policy


A player may only register with one County. All players recognised by each County Association must be registered with the ESMBA.

Registration is effective from 1st September each year to 31st August the following year and will be assumed to have continued, provided the annual subscription is received by the ESMBA Membership Secretary by 31st October, otherwise it will be deemed to have lapsed as of 31st August.

New and Returning Players ie those not registered in the previous year must be recorded with the ESMBA Membership Secretary prior to them taking part in any Inter County, National Competitions, Open Competitions, TLH weekend and the Top Team.

Players wishing to transfer registration from one County to another during the year may apply to do so but permission will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. The ‘gaining’ County must notify the ESMBA Membership Secretary in writing at least 14 days prior to the effective date of the transfer giving the reasons why the transfer is required and the exceptional circumstances that justify it. The ESMBA Membership Secretary will check with the ‘losing’ County to ensure that there are no outstanding issues that might affect the transfer and notify the ‘gaining’ County if the transfer is approved. No additional subscription will be required.

Players who transfer from one County to another at the start of a new registration year will be personally responsible for ensuring that their old County is aware that they are transferring and that they should no longer be registered with that County. Their registration through the new County must be recorded with the ESMBA Membership Secretary prior to them taking part in any Inter County or National Competitions for the new County.

Registered Player Policy

The ESMBA registered player policy was amended with effect from November 2023 the new policy is as follows.
Players, Clubs and Associations affiliated to the ESMBA shall not, without the specific permission of the ESMBA Management Committee, play against Clubs, Teams or players who are not registered or who are members of a short mat bowls organisation that is not recognised by the ESMBA nor against representative teams of such an organisation.

Players, Clubs and Associations playing in such circumstances may be called to account.


Internal club competitions are not affected by this policy. However, an internal club competition is one that specifically excludes all players from outside the club.

Games to foster the sport and encourage clubs to register their members to the ESMBA via the county are permitted, these games however should be limited to 1 home and 1 away. Please check their insurance is adequate.
Competitions in aid of charity are not affected by this policy.

This policy is designed to prevent those who have chosen not to join the ESMBA.
and who therefore contribute nothing to either their county or the ESMBA, from receiving the privileges of competitions and any other benefits e.g Insurance arranged for ESMBA members.