Previous Committees

At the heart of the GSMBA is the Committee, whose diligent and often extensive efforts may remain unseen by the general membership. Over the years, they have faced numerous critical decisions, consistently balancing optimal outcomes with the constraints of their resources, especially financial ones.

This document acknowledges the Committee members deserving of commendation for their exceptional efforts and for maintaining the Association’s reputable status in promoting the game.

PositionPeriodNameSpecial responsibility
Chair2021/24David Bubb
2018/21John Glass
2010/18Stewart Minchew
2006/10Roy Sentance
2005/06Chris Evans
2002/05   David Taylor
1999/02Doreen Hall 
Honorary President2005/06David Taylor
2002/03Doreen Hall
Vice chair2001/02David Taylor
Secretary2018/21Jane HawkesSafeguarding Officer
2004/18Jim Barclay
1999/04David Bubb 
Treasurer2018/19Gwen Wheeler
2016/18Rose Wilson
1999/16Gwen Wheeler 
2011/13Keith Hawkes
League Secretary2022/23Paul Murphy
2014/21John GlassWebsite Administrator
2011/14Bryan TaylorWebsite Administrator
2006/11Barbara Bubb
2000/06Chris Evans
Competition Secretary2022/24Saul Featherstone
2020/21Paul Murphy
2018/20David Bubb
2015/18Chris Evans
2008/15David Bubb
2007/08Jim BarclayCharity Competition
2005/07Simon GolchCharity Competition
2003/05Phil JenningsCharity Competition
2000/03Bob Stoneman  
Premier Team Captain2022/23Chris Evans
2020/21Ollie Hipkiss
2019/20Bob Wood
2018/19Veronica BaldwinCounty Seniors
2017/18Bob Wood
2015/17Stephen Holdsworth
2010/15Veronica BaldwinCounty Seniors
2009/10Roy Sentence
2008/09Gail Hyett
2007/08Bill Mackie
2002/07Stewart Minchew
2001/02Tony Wheeler
2000/01Bob Stoneman
1999/00David Bubb
“A” Team Captain2021/22Chris Evans
2018/21David Bubb
2011/18Stewart Minchew
Committee Member2012/13Michael Wall
 2011/13Gwen Wheeler
 2010/11Carol Poole
 2009/10Hayley Jackson
 2009/12Gail Hyett
 2008/15Neil Tappin
 2007/09Veronica Baldwin
 2007/09Pat Lewis
 2007/16Doris GaddCharity Competition 2008-16
 2007/10Stewart Minchew
 2007/08Stewart Gardner
 2007/15Robert KeatsSummer League
 2005/06Roy SentanceCounty Seniors
 2005/07Ivan Rickett
 2004/08David Bubb
 2003/07Ian Baldwin
 2002/04Jim Barclay
 2001/04Peter Arnold
 2000/01David Taylor
 2000/03Stewart Gardner
 2000/07Tony Wheeler
 1999/06Jonathan HarrisSummer League
Non-committee Posts:2007/08Phil JenningsCharity Competition
2006/07Robert KeatsSummer League
2004/05Roy SentanceCounty Seniors
2002/04Ivor CarterCounty Seniors